Blue Multani Jars


Our blue pottery is from Multan. Chai Shy’s quest for paying the artisan directly, had us going from village to village, and from one province to another. Though the search started in Sindh, we got our pottery from Multan in the province of Punjab. The provincial difference can be noticed by a keen art enthusiast, though it remains true to its origins but changes slightly against the background of a different province.

The most interesting part of acquiring these, was how they were transported from the small village in Multan, to Karachi. Void fill, cushioning, fragile, are the equivalent of a language unknown to these makers. So, how does one transport fragile items from the village to a big city? Easy, by using grass as void fill! So, when you buy our Multani Jars from Chai Shy On Sea, don't be surprised if you spot remains of Multani grass in your jar!

There are lessons that we can learn from the simplicity of village life. Whilst we cannot reduce our carbon footprint to acquire this item, we can try and replicate using biodegradable, eco friendly packaging wherever possible. So when you buy from Chai Shy, you know it's a small business with a commitment to be contribute positively to people and environment.

Add these Multani jars to your home for a colourful display of art and culture, or as a functional item of storage in your much loved home.

3 designs: Multani Flora, Multani Fauna, Multani Filigree

14cm height without lid 
15-17 cm with lid
Width: 7-8cm

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