I grew up listening to the sound of Dire straits, Pink Floyd ,Roxy music and Fleetwood Mac. All in Pakistan. Yes and much before me, my parents listened to Elvis, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles and many others- again-in Pakistan. While that may sound surreal to many who are reading this, music has played a huge role in our culture and society. Our very own Madam Noor Jehan was an example of radiant royal beauty, with her fame spreading through the sub continent and beyond. Like any sprawling metropolis Karachi and karachi-ites have contributed to the music scene of Pakistan by having their own stamp on music produced by our talented musicians.

A simple google search does not do justice to the quality and vastness of music being produced. We have come a long way from the likes of Nazia and Zohaib Hassan ( our idea of The carpenters) ,boy band Vital signs (equivalent to A-ha )or Junoon, (equivalent to U2)  and their meaningful messages. Whilst classical music maestro, The great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and his international collaborations put Pakistan on the musical world map, leaving an indelible legacy of qawwali and sufi music, shaping many present day tunes.

Currently Coke studio Pakistan, Patari and Velo provide a snap shot of the greatness of Pakistan’s musicians, song writers, composers and singers.

Here at Chai Shy, you can be a part of that vibrant music scene. Simply download and listen to the playlist and let the sounds transport you to a culture, waiting to be explored.