What is truck art?

Truck art Of Pakistan: Literally means, Art- On a truck, In Pakistan.

Yes this mammoth creature that dominates our roads, motorways and cities, is not what your average truck looks like. Pakistani trucks have an explosion of psychedelic colour providing a visual feast for anyone that notices!  No two trucks are the same as these are hand painted designs which vary from truck to truck and often have personal expressions of identity, proverbs or simply, quite funny one liners written on it!

Truck art went largely undiscovered by the world, till western tourism highlighted its existence in the 1970’s. Truck art is now uniquely Pakistani and has inspired many versions across India and neighbouring countries, as well as influencing many designs in Britain and beyond.

The newly displayed Dolce and Gabbana Smeg collaboration has a similar looking style, although claimed to be Sicilian in origin. Bright and colourful, witty calligraphy, floral designs, birds and animals, one wonders if there is any connection between colours and cultures, providing such unique visual treats!

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